ConfigMgr Log Sanitizer Powershell Script

Do you ever need to email or post ConfigMgr log files or snippets online for blogs or support? I know I do. I wanted to have a way to consistently clean log files quickly, so I wrote a small PowerShell script to help. It’s nothing special – the hardest part is figuring out which regular expressions work best for each data type you want to replace. I ended up with 4 regular expressions that work well for the smsts.log. Here are the 4 types and examples of log file entries before and after each regex:

  1. Server Name

    SCCM Site Code

    URLs with domain names

    Specific words unique to your company

    #Be sure to test your regular expressions. There are several online test tools available.

I’ve added the file to my GitHub repository (first one yay!!) here:

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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